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Sharing in the love

Thank-you to the many of you not only experiencing, but supporting love as a higher consciousness solution:

I am working well on all levels to be in the best space I can be to deal with the finality and you are an important part of my support team.

~ S. C.

These can be quite challenging concepts to come to terms with as we realize our Unity with All That Is. I really appreciated the willingness to go deep with these issues. I’m sure some of these ways of perceiving can be controversial and I certainly understand why.

~S. F.

Omg a lawyer is saying this!! Glory Be!! Amen I was wondering if I'd see changes before I die!! Thank You God!!

~S. S.

What a needed and wonderful way to look at our legal system!

~ K. W.

So wonderful to see change starting to happen in our legal systems, I couldn't agree more with all that was shared. If we treat people like animals in a cage and expect them to come out any different is mental.

~ W.

Getting Coffee

Wow! To me, this is an amazing illustration of the great shift that we are going through right now.

~ H. M.

I would be very grateful if you would be one of those people who will be in my corner and help me turn this into a reality. Your vision for Love is at the essence, is certainly a principal inspiration for this work and I intend to operate in a similar fashion.

~ E. P.

Tourists in Australia

Thank you for bringing consciousness into the legal world.

~ L. K.

Indie Fashion Photoshoot

Beautiful energy, so good to see change here. The collapse is happening and we are heading into the new Earth.

~ D. P.

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