Who Are We?

Before we introduce ourselves, we like to play with the idea that each member of humanity is, in fact, a 'lawyer' as we each learn to find and interpret our own internal egocentric legal systems, the unconscious rules that we have lived by since childhood, that we must become responsible for right now.

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Tim Williams
Lawyer, Scientist + Futurist
Virginia Warren
Lawyer + Conflict Alchemist

Tim is the Principal Lawyer of a lifestyle legal practice on the Sunshine Coast.

Tim  is also a qualified scientist who has, for over 15 years, been researching, experimenting and experiencing expanded states of consciousness, in particular, unconditional Love, momentary Wisdom and more recently 'time travel narratives'.

Tim has recently joined the Board of a leading science research institute in California USA, The Institute for Love and Time ("TILT").

TILT has a beautiful vision of a World where unconditional Love and time travel are embraced and integrated into being. The TILT vision is through conducting research that creates Applications that inform that research.


If you are curious then more questions are answered here -

The lead scientist at TILT is the highly conscious and World leader in love and time travel research and applications, Dr. Julia Mossbridge. Her latest book is the Premonition Code and gives details of some relevant research and practical applications involving the current emerging economy using trained "positive precogs"... people who can time travel their minds to the future to receive information regarding the best choices to make now, in the present, to find the best ways to solve our current problems. 

Tim's Self Induced "Near Death Experience" 

(that wasn't actually near death:)

About 15 years ago, in about 5 minutes, while Tim was on a quiet afternoon stroll, he unwittingly created an out of body experience taking me back "Home" to Source/Pure Love/God.

As a lawyer and scientist, this was totally real!


He now knows death is not the end. He knows we are not just our human body. He knows we don't need any 3rd party to connect with the Divine Power. He knows we can each get the answer to any question. He knows we are each Loved fully. He knows everything is for each of our Highest benefit. He knows everything is always perfect right now. He knows we can each manifest anything. He knows there are no coincidences, but that there are consequences of our decision making, depending on the foundation/motivation behind any choice (simply fear or genuine Love).

He knows that the current systems are becoming obsolete as the majority of humanity is now evolving to the more expanded and fluid state of consciousness ("The Flow" state of Being using momentary systems founded in unconditional Love + momentary wisdom).

Now do with all that what you choose - it's totally your choice!!

Whilst Virginia prefers that her labels do not define her, she is best recognised as being a lawyer, author, TEDx’er and also holds a Diploma in Yoga Teaching.


She thinks that rules are for idiots (in the nicest possible way) and shows us how the rules have kept us in a state of fear.


She declares that our thoughts, together with the choices we make in our lives, are simply the products of rules or laws that others have created. Most of those rules have lead us to a false belief that we’re unworthy of love.

Living the philosophy that we are all pure love, in guiding you back to love of self, she advocates that our heart is the most loving machine. If we stop and listen to it, we will receive the highest wisdom for ourselves in every moment.

It’s a matter of changing our own rules. We each created them. We each can change them. 

If you want to know more about the way Virginia thinks, you can check out some of the things she’s occupied her time doing here:

Her book, Let's Kiss All The Lawyers! ... said no-one ever offers some amusing solutions to discontent within the legal profession (including a sealed section).

She also talks about how Lawyers Are Trained To Break The Law of human connection and how we could shift law into a healing modality.