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Part lifestyle law firm, part laboratory.


Law governs all relationship. This includes the relationship between you and your partner, you and your neighbour, you and the State, even you and your dog. It's also the foundation upon which our educational, medical and financial institutions are built.

Lawyers working within the legal system usually strive to gain positions in large or prestigious law firms. These law firms are built on an hierarchical structure, and for the lawyer who is not at the top of the pyramid, the fear of loss of status is used as motivation for success. It is a closed system drawing power from those below, to benefit those above.

In addition, for the most part, the law and the documents created with those laws in mind are found in the written word. Did you know that most legal documents on the planet contain language that incites fear at some level? Contracts and legislation intend to offer us protection, but in doing so intimate that we are not to be trusted. People are living their lives from all walks of life in fear of being sued. Essentially, our planet's governance is underpinned with fear.

Fear is driving our planet.

Conflict is universal. Every human's external conflict arises from one person's belief system not align with another's. Most of us are unaware that our core belief systems exist at an unconscious level. Lawyers for Love call these our personal 'rules' or 'internal legal systems'. A conflict arises when your personal rules differ from mine.

The current legal system was created by society's desire for peace, certainty and good order. But the law does not and cannot deliver on that promise because the compelling rules you have personally created will override anything anyone else tells you to do. That's why in breach of the rules, people speed in their cars, cheat on their taxes, or even murder others. From your point of view, you are right in what you are doing, even though sometimes you don't know why.  

You will be punished for breaking society's rules. You will either be fined, jailed, or will 'lose' your court case as a measure of discipline, but rarely will you be seen to be validated for 'wrong'-doing. 

The entire legal system has been recognized for some time as being unsatisfactory for both the client and the lawyer, yet no-one's tested an viable alternative.

Lawyers for love have created

a prototype virtual law firm

which believes compassion and validation

are feasible solutions.

The Firm is naturally jurisdictional (indissoluble whole or Law of One). It does not offer legal advice in the traditional sense as it does not advise on society's 'rules'. We explore your personal rules, your 'internal legal systems' to show you how to personally profit from your conflicts. Traditional lawyers will be engaged to advise on any related jurisdictional legal issues, but will be using the technologies offered by The Firm as a platform from which to provide that advice.

We are, with the help of researchers, exploring concepts such as Human Optimization suggesting a panacea is available to resolve all human negativity via LIOTECnology (Love Is Of The Essence technology). Science, psychology and other modalities are collaborating via the Human Optimization Project to ask questions such as is the Rule of Law still effectively serving humanity? If, not can alternate methods such as LIOTECnology, which works with raising human consciousness, offer a more desirable alternative in achieving a sustainable unified society?

We see that you cannot use the same level of consciousness to solve a problem as was used to create it. A higher more expanded level of consciousness is needed. 

The Sacred Legal Firm is a fully operational platform using horizontal and conscious methods for 'problem' solving.

As a multi-disciplinary referral practice, we will be offering many and varied projects and courses as we evolve.

We are welcoming lawyers, legal clients, scientists, psychologists and many others to get involved, or those who simply want to learn how to use conflict as a catalyst for expanding consciousness. 

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