Project 1:  'Love is of the Essence' Clause 

Simply offering to insert 'Love is of the Essence' into all legal documentation and relationships globally.


This is not be a label. It is an energetic state of being from which decisions or choices can be made each moment.


It is permission for all connected by the documentation to align to Love continuously and make smart intuitive decisions from that place within the confines of the document for the highest good of all affected by the decisions.

Initially, we are focusing on NFP organisations and offering participation to all the individuals controlling their decision-making such as Board members and CEOs and significant staff.

The process basically gets an expression of interest to amend the documentation, explain the new love based decision making process, align the key individuals to Love (see Project 2), and connect them into an an external support system or wisdom counsel (see Project 3)

Could you add a "Love is of the Essence" clause to your ~ Will, power of attorney, employment contract, marriage commitment, business contracts etc? or even your ~ Not For Profit Constitution, policies etc?

If Yes, how would it change the way you make decisions?

We are seeking assistance from Higher Consciousness Lawyers globally to assist in amending legal documentation, infuse Love and provide continuing support for decision making based in Love and momentary wisdom, not fear.

Project 2:  Alignment to Self-Love 

Improvement of the Individual wellbeing through alignment to Love and resulting momentary wisdom.

LOVE + 'Time Travel' + Momentary Wisdom

Some projects involve leading edge science, using 'time travelling' narratives to orientate individuals into the past and then the future as part of  processes for aligning them to Love in the present, with higher consciousness and wisdom.


Sounds a bit complicated but actually not, like riding a bike or driving a car. Maybe awkward and embarrassing, even painful, whilst practising but awesome when you start to really experience it.

The research will also help inform web based legal-tech applications... some 'training wheels' to help you getting some initial balance and momentum.

Collaboration is with pioneering science researcher institute, The Institute For Love and Time ("TILT") in California, USA.   In order to test our General Hypothesis, we seek to expand this ground breaking research to align organisations and their decision makers to Love being the foundation or essence of all their decision making. 

This ability is amazing to us on a personal level but we now are looking to move humanity to unconditional Love to scale it up for the benefit of all humanity. If you are interested in quantum physics and other time travel projects, including the emerging positive precognition economy, here is a link to TILT and the amazing work of Dr Julia Mossbridge.

Project 3:  Legal~Love System 

Although the individual will need to take responsibility to align to Love first, there will be created an external system to match the new internal 'legal love system'.


The Higher Consciousness jurisdiction using and supporting unconditional Love as the truly alternative new platform for decision making.

We are researching a universal system unifying everyone and everything by supporting unconditional Love and heartcentric intuition for the greatest good of all, as opposed to hierarchies separating with laws from a past moment ruling present moment decision-making .

The creation of Wisdom Counsel (individual and collectives) with greater emotional intelligence and evolutionary consciousness, beyond laws, equity and excessive fetish thinking.

© Infinite Love

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