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Pepe Kish, Canberra, Australia

Meet the truly delightful Perpetua (Pepe) Kish, a family lawyer from Canberra, Australia who aspires to create positive change in the lives of her clients.

Pepe is the Principal Lawyer at Balance Family Law. She was a reluctant lawyer at first, she tried to escape a few times with forays into the world of performance, social work (child protection) and unexpected motherhood (earlier than she expected). Family Law beckoned back, and she found an area where she was able to be herself and create a positive change in the lives of her clients and the practice of family law!

Pepe works in arguably the most human area of law. She found that the emphasis on what the law says, traditions and inflexible procedures was not helping her clients. With this in mind, she has come to learn that a warmer, more flexible and kinder approach is far more effective in assisting clients move on and thrive after their separation.

She is kind, quite informal and positive in her interactions. From writing in friendly, plain language to always talking on the phone with a smile. It really does make a difference. Pepe says it is important to be consistently and authentically kind to everyone. Token kindness is a thing! But it does not quite work that way.

Pepe lives her values, and this extends to what she wears and eats. She is a happy herbivore (aka vegan) and animal activist. She is a mum to two lovely girls, thirteen and eight and we are crazy about dancing (yes, she is a dance mum!)

Read more about Pepe and her work here:

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