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Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, Ontario, Canada

Say hello to the inspiring Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, a lawyer from Canada who uses the legal system to inspire people to transition, transform and transcend.

Nicolle was a lawyer in South Africa who had her own legal practice. When she became a lawyer she recalls she had a naïve belief that she could change the world.

After practicing, her naiveté got a reality check in the proverbial butt and she became slightly disillusioned. She then emigrated to Canada and had no desire to practice law at all. She thought that this monumental move would be a new start to a new life. However, after a year or so, she knew that law was in her blood and she converted her South African Law Degree so that she could practice in Canada.

So, with two kids under the age of 4, and working full time she studied and became a lawyer in Canada. She noted there was one solid difference this time. She wasn’t going to sell her soul to the devil and would practice according to who she was and how she believed law should be practiced.

With this in mind, Nicolle's original desire to become a lawyer and change the world….is exactly what she is doing, one client (and lawyer) at a time.

She felt like a square peg in a round pigeon hole, practicing law according to a “perceived” egotistical persona and it just felt wrong and uncomfortable. She hated being the catalyst in her client's (or opposing clients) destruction because being a “good” lawyer basically meant instilling and stoking hate in her client so their story made them look like a better parent on paper. She reflects on how it ate away at her.

Nicolle also started noticing how many of her colleagues were downright miserable and stressed beyond normal limits. She started researching what self-help tools were out there for lawyers in particular and there was nothing of substance. She saw there were a few articles from the Law Society saying look after yourself, get help...blah blah blah, but no tools or resources to help prevent lawyers from burn out, compassion fatigue and utter misery.

Given she was already on her own self-development journey and practicing mindfulness, she took a 9 month course to become a Mindfulness in Law Teacher Trainer. She also went to Thailand to study with the Monks and became a Mindfulness Instructor according to the Theravada Buddhist Tradition. She re-branded herself as the Transformational Lawyer as she believes bringing self-help tools, energy work and contemplative practices such as mindfulness and meditation, is crucial for anyone dealing with everyday life conflicts and crises. By helping her clients, she helps their family transition to a new normal.

She is also a Reiki Master and sometimes (usually when she is mediating a file) she will reiki it just before she starts working on it to bring love, kindness, compassion and wisdom into the file and those who will be impacted by it.

Nicolle's tag line is Transition. Transform. Transcend.

You can visit Nicolle here:

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