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Melisa Quinn, Brisbane, Australia

Meet Melisa Quinn.

Originally from wild Te Tai Poutini/West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand, Melisa is now a Property Solicitor at Saunders & Co Solicitors, a boutique firm in Cannon Hill, Brisbane.

The majority of her work involves Conveyancing, various Small Business matters, Wills and Estates, as well as Marketing and Management.

Melisa enjoys the flexibility, variety of work and responsibilities, autonomy and closeness of the team at Saunders & Co Solicitors. Outside the office, Melisa volunteers at the Environmental Defenders Office and event manages over ten outdoor lifestyle and music gatherings in Queensland.

Melisa also works with Reiki and Sound on a regular basis and many of her hobbies are considered to be related to holistic health and/or art. Melisa does not consider her interest in legal practice to be vastly different to many other Lawyers and Law Students that she has spoken with; 'to help create change in the world'.

Growing up in a lower income family, supported by social welfare and beautiful mother nature showed Melisa the importance of connection, communities and the Earth. Melisa first enrolled in Law School with the goal to change the legal system to support connection, communities and the Earth. That goal has now evolved to assist people when they are in the legal system to take responsibility and connect to their own internal systems, so we can then create better external legal systems for ourselves, communities and the Earth.

Melisa intends to bring calmness and many perspectives when working with her clients to help them understand where the other person/party is coming from in a matter. Although, majority of Melisa's legal work is in the area of 'meeting of minds' and less in the area of 'litigation', Melisa often finds this approach very useful for diffusing potential disputes and encourages a synergistic flow for each matter, which often leads to more Love and Compassion for all of those involved.

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