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Marguerite Picard, Melbourne, Australia

Meet the inspiring Marguerite Picard.

Marguerite says her journey into law started from a place of complete naivety and with no family history or connections to the law. She considers that served her well, as she had no preconceptions, no attachment to income or status. She just wanted an interesting life , which she says it has delivered!!

Marguerite is now a co-founder of MELCA who sees her job as a lawyer differently from the way most of the profession sees its job. She’s been doing this work for more than three decades now, and as a legacy of that, her aim these days is to be a facilitator and peacemaker.

She made the decision to team up with psychologists and financial planners to help separating couples reach agreements, because I think that’s the best way to approach divorce and separation.

Marguerite is an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer, Collaborative Practitioner, Mediator, Arbitrator and Collaborative Trainer. During her lawyer life, she has worked in criminal law, property and commercial and wills and estates, before specializing in family law some 20 years ago. She says all of this has been incredibly interesting and has added to the sum of the lawyer she is today.

Marguerite explains that she brings her version of love into law by working right away from the ‘bear pit' of the court. By that she means the bear pit of adversarial negotiations that threaten to drop people into the actual bear pit. She says she knows it’s a place some people need, but she says she doesn’t need to go there. She is encouraging as many people as possible to see that they don’t either.

You can contact Marguerite at

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