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Lara Wentworth, New South Wales, Australia

MEET the inspirational Lara Wentworth from New South Wales, Australia who brings care, empathy, and compassion into practicing law.

Lara entered law in 2002, she was young and looking for ways to make her mark in the world. She was excited to be part of an old profession that was well established.

Lara was a good student, a good daughter and she followed recommendations and advice. Do law they said, it is a good career. So, she did. Love is one of Lara’s core values and she quickly discovered that love does not have a place in the way that we practice law, the way we interact with our clients and our colleagues and more importantly, love is not valued for ourselves as lawyers as we prioritise work, money, reputations, pleasing others, perfectionism and so on.

This led to a great deal of pain and mental health as she denied herself love from the inside out and the outside in thinking that that was the way to be successful as a lawyer. Lara grew up and matured emotionally and mentally and realised that love is at the core of all our needs and motivations and is the missing link in our practice.

She now does that by coaching lawyers to become more aware, more connected, more aligned and congruent. A balanced lawyer is in a much better position to bring love into their practice. Lara says we need to bring love to ourselves first!

She feels like the last four years of her career have been mind blowing as she has totally reshaped her life and aligned her focus to live in line with what is most important to her. This has allowed Lara to truly be who she was meant to be and contribute to the legal world and the profession that she loves so dearly! If you would like to read more about Lara and her work, visit

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