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Kirsty Salverstro, New South Wales, Australia

Meet Kirsty Salvestro. Kirsty always knew she wanted to work in an area that involved law and helping families. Initially she wanted to be in the police force, but this was ruled out due to height restrictions! 162cm was apparently not tall enough to be a police officer at that time.

She grew up in a broken home, her mother left her 3 brothers and she with her dad when she was 11 years old. Being the bossy only girl, she took charge of the household. Her early days continued to be tricky, more so when her father met a new lady. Those years were particularly unpleasant for her brothers and she and resulted in her leaving home when she was just 16. She battled through high school working every evening and weekend on the Coles checkouts and just trying to stay above water.

It was when her year 12 Legal Studies teacher told her that she would make a wonderful lawyer, she made the decision that was just what she would do. She pushed through university whilst working two jobs and was truly lucky to have met some life changing, inspiring humans, who helped make my path possible. She started from the bottom up, happy to be a receptionist and secretary, to move to the role of conveyancer and paralegal and then junior lawyer when she ultimately graduated.

Through many of life’s twists and turns, ups and downs in life and legal practice, Kirsty became tired of fighting. She felt like she’d been fighting her whole life. She saw couples walking away from the process soul destroyed, bitter and not to mention spending thousands of hard-earned dollars. This did not sit well with her, so the change in her life lead her to realise that she needed to make a difference somehow. She realised she needed to stop families from fighting and help them avoid a fight, to be kind and peaceful, not hateful.

She left her partnership, trained as a mediator and created Flourish Family law, a boutique firm practicing solely in out of court solutions focusing on kindness and peace.

Over the past 3 years this passion has grown into a thriving firm that has assisted hundreds of couples, has given her the strength and courage to write her first book, What are We Fighting For, A Peaceful Pathway for Separating Couples to guide couples on reaching amicable agreements.

She says the book was so much fun to write and publish and has now led her to an online course and allowed her to build up the divorce coaching side of her business. She couldn’t be more thrilled with where she is right now and honestly, wouldn’t change any of her history as it has led her to where she is today.

Contact Kirsty via her website at

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