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Iveta Bales, Canberra, Australia

MEET wonderful Iveta Bales from Canberra, Australia who brings care, empathy, and compassion into practicing law.

Iveta's journey into law was a fairly organic one, she accepted a place at the ANU to study law because it was a good law school and she got the grades.

She had no intention to be a lawyer, an there was no one in her family who had practised in law. Post university, she felt obliged to use her degree, and so after a short stint in Estate Planning, Iveta moved into Family Law, again not for any reason other than the natural flow of life and opportunities that arose.

Iveta was (and still is) totally mesmerised by the beautiful families, the 'hard' law and the disconnect between the two. She is at heart a lover not a fighter. For a while Iveta squashed the loving part of her, the part that wonders what the separation is like for everyone involved, not just her client. But at a point in time Iveta reflected on the life she wanted to live and it wasn't an unauthentic one.

So instead of throwing her career in law out she thought, why not go out with a bang, bring love into the law. And guess what, it works, and the feeling of living an authentic life, where she does no harm is wonderful!! Iveta feels strongly about a slow and intentional life. A life of moderation and with strong connections.

Today's society has become so disconnected in parts and the temptation to fall into the rat race is real. Iveta says if we create spaces of slow we have a chance to reflect before we act, to consider and be intentional with our choices.

If you would like to read more about Iveta and her work, visit

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