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Iain Smith, Scotland, UK

Meet Iain Smith.

Iain believes in the saying that “the hardest thing to do is be Kind to those who appear Unkind”.

He says that when you scratch the surface and dive below the anger and addiction, you will inevitably discover pain.

Whilst Iain says his job is stressful, upsetting and exhausting it is also more rewarding, being less about law now and more about relationships.

Knowing the biological science of trauma has made him more compassionate, empathetic and determined to raise awareness of the impact of trauma.

Iain graduated in 1993 and trained at Skene Edwards & Garson WS. Robert Louis Stevenson also trained there. In 1998, he created his own firm with Jim Keegan QC, 20 years his senior.

Iain specializes in crime now, previously having practiced in litigation including contracts, divorces, and child cases.

A shift for Iain came when he watched the film “Resilience” by the late and great Jamie Redford shadowed Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and explained the horrific effects Adverse Childhood Experiences can have on the developing brain, which made Iain realize that the people he thought he helped were actually suffering from pain that he did not notice at the time.

Iain says that we cannot punish people out of their addiction but we can love them and help signpost them to recovery.

You can connect with Iain Smith to learn more via email:

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