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Hass Sadeghi, Lawyoracle, California, USA


MEET HASS as he explains to us how he empowers strategic executive initiatives through aligned legal infrastructure, leveraging legal insider knowledge for sustainable business growth & prosperity.

Like the Oracles of ancient times, which were sources of guidance and wisdom for those seeking answers and clarity, Hass and his firm, Lawyoracle brings today’s Conscious Business Founders & Visionaries holistic executive legal strategies to secure their business growth and success.

He also facilitates Conscious Agreements for transformation, and alternatives to litigation bringing healing during legal distress. In addition, he has chosen to train Legal / ADR Professionals about self-care, and using the law as a tool for healing and creating a space for transformative contracts -- equipping them with the wisdom, resources and techniques to use the Law & Mediation as a force for healing, transformation & empowerment in the world.

He is passionate about bringing Light to the Law by elevating it as a tool for healing and transformation.

𝗘𝘅𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗶𝘀𝗲: Legal Strategy, "Business PreNups & Divorces," Conscious Contracts, Legal Relationship Expert, Conflict Resolution & Transformation, Peacebuilding, International Dispute Resolution, Mindful Lawyering, Legal Healing & Transformations, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Lawyer Self-Care

Training Offerings: - Using the Law for Healing & Transformation Webinar - Energetic Self-Care Primer for Legal Professionals - Art of Negotiation Training

You can find out more about Hass and is work at:

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