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Esan Pilai, Victoria Australia

Meet Esan who recalls that being a lawyer was something that he had always sought to be; however at a young age he didn’t comprehend truly why.

Esan comes from a lineage of lawyers, both in immediate and extended families, however Civil law did not interest him. Commencing his further tertiary education at 17; Esan took longer than most and eventually commenced legal practice just after 26. Commencing his first 2 years of PAE, he had carriage of 188 cases in a combination of civil; and predominantly criminal law which really drew on his passions for advocacy, evidence and appearing as counsel.

It was during those two years, Esan had discovered how low the frequency of the court, police custody and prison environments was. Ultimately, these environments, he found, would affect many of the professionals who attended to assist; through some facet or other. Esan found leaving after conducting matters that often he would have somewhat of a negatively skewered disposition towards life; and it would take conscious decisions to actively shift out of that mind state. Keeping involved with things outside of the law he found greatly assisted; with music and sports being passions of his, it assisted in the alleviation of the mind state. Also, carrying out oneself.

He's sought to always be transparent as to who he is, as a legal practitioner. To actually relate with those Esan is representing as human beings; and to go over and beyond wherever possible, as opposed to merely doing the primary requirements of being a Solicitor-Advocate. It was in relating to his clients, where he found that love or a form of love, was a key in literally placing himself in the position of those who are seeking legal assistance in what is often the darkest point of their lives.

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