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Eric Postow, Washington DC, USA

Eric has been an attorney since 2016 following a seven year career in the US Military.

His legal practice focuses on helping entrepreneurs realize their visions with some legal support.

He likes being able to talk with people who have passion and a desire to create something, and then helps them in whatever way he can, whether through contract revisions, assistance with negotiations, or agreement drafting.

As far as love in the law, he thinks the most important reminder for him or for any creators, is that creation itself is love. The desire to bring about something new, to turn dreams into reality, to take active steps towards a new tomorrow are things that interest him and drive him in his work.

He believes Love is at the center of this universe. When we remember that and act with that centering point, what we create will be a reflection of that love and hopefully will be felt by others through the ages.

Eric prefers a closer circle of connections in his practise. If you are in the Washington DC area, you can get in touch with him directly via email:

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