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Elva Zhang, Melbourne, Australia

Meet the delightful Elva Zhang, a lawyer from Melbourne, Australia who brings care, empathy, and compassion into practicing law.

Elva was an international student from China and she always wanted to study law as a little girl. Growing up, she read many stories about change makers (such as Lincoln, Gandhi etc) and somehow she made the connection that to change the world, one has to be a lawyer. So that is why Elva decided to study law.

However, the journey of studying law and working in law as an international student was not an easy one - the language barrier, the lack of family and network support etc. Yet, as she looks back, those challenges have somehow made her a more resilient person and also led her to discover other passions outside of law - such as mindfulness and well-being.

These days, Elva works as an in-house corporate counsel for a global shipping line in Melbourne whilst spreading her passion through her creative platform - Peace Lab, which uses ancient wisdom practice and contemporary neuroscience knowledge to share effective and practical ways to lead a more meaningful and productive modern life.

Everyone defines 'love' differently. Elva says, the word LOVE in Chinese is 爱 - same pronunciation as the English word "I". So to Elva, love must be an act of self-love first and foremost. When we embrace self-love, we can then be a better human for others, including our professional expression. To understand love is essentially to understand oneself and to cultivate self-care. When there are lawyers who are more compassionate and kind to themselves, then we are on a path to creating a legal system built on compassion, loving and kindness.

Elva is currently undertaking a master in Applied Neuroscience with King's College London. The more she learns about neuroscience, the more she can see how ancient wisdom such as meditation and mindfulness is being confirmed by contemporary neuroscience - a beautiful synergy between the most ancient and the most contemporary. With a basic understanding of neuroscience knowledge, we are empowered to master how we direct our attention, awareness for more well-being, purposes and inner peace.

If you would like to read more about Elva and her work, visit

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