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Chamundai Curran, New South Wales, Australia

Meet the effervescent Chamundai Curran, a lawyer from New South Wales, Australia who brings care, empathy, and compassion into practicing law.

Chamundai became a lawyer out of an interest in the legal system and really enjoyed court work, litigation and helping people understand the legal process and applying her mind to legal situations and discovering legal answers.

She was given all the Family law in her third job because she was the only female in the law firm, and therefore Family Law was "her job!". Chamundai was quite disgruntled and annoyed at this because the men got all the fun court cases. However, she became very popular due to her kind nature and her interest in helping people. For example, she became involved with helping women staying at the women's refuge with their legal issues.

After about 10 years and having had 2 children, she decided the way she wanted to help people was not really being met by the law. She always held a bigger vision as to what could be happening to help people and she also became disillusioned with the court as a way of bringing a good solution for clients because, to her surprise, even when she won a case clients were not happy and found something new to fight about and this puzzled and distressed her.

Chamundai then discovered the other half of herself (her emotional self!). She found this in counselling, specifically telephone counselling with Lifeline, counsellors, training in many forms of alternate dispute resolution and conflict coaching, mediation, restorative justice, youth justice conferencing, and helping indigenous clients with family matters of all types. She felt much more satisfied with the way she could help clients and she also felt more skilled because she had added to her legal expertise the very valuable and effective skills from the world of counselling.

It was around 1998 to 2003 during her various roles for Lifeline that she understood the power of listening, the power of empathy and holding space for people to come to their own decisions. This was foundational learning which she did not get in her legal training and it was an incredible relief to know she did not need to hold all the answers or force any outcome for her clients. This fundamentally changed the way she did everything in her life, including practising law.

From that time on and especially in her work as a mediator in Family Law, and other areas as best she could, she used compassion kindness, empathy and listening skills to support her clients. She also discovered Laughter Yoga and added fun to her learning on mindfulness, meditation and energy healing.

Chamundai is a qualified lawyer and she is currently admitted to practice as a lawyer, however she has worked more in related roles such as counselling teaching and mediation. She is also a spiritual teacher an energy healer, and a teacher of Laughter Yoga wellness seminars. She has now worked as a family law mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP) for more than 20 years.

The deeper she goes into her own personal journey of transformation, she becomes more compassionate, open to divine intervention and allowing clients to find their own strength and answers.

FUN FACT: In the past 7 years, she has travelled to India 21 times and spent many months exploring temples and spiritual practices, meeting Holy Saints and Masters and gathering beautiful sacred objects and learning sacred holy ceremony which she performs daily using Sanskrit mantra. These practices keep her heart filled with Divine love - which is a vibration that helps others in a positive way. Best of all, Chamundai once facilitated a room of over 100 family lawyers and judges in a hilarious laughing session – so no-one can say that Lawyers never laugh!

Read more about Chamundai and her work here:

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