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Carrie Scattergood, New Jersey, USA

Meet the wonderful Carrie Scattergood, a lawyer from New Jersey, USA who brings care, empathy, and compassion into practicing law.

Carrie's father is a lawyer. His uncle (her great-uncle) and mentor was also a lawyer. She literally grew up in a law office, spending afternoons and Saturday mornings playing in a legal library. Despite that, she did not think about becoming a lawyer until her early twenties. She was pursuing a master's degree in art therapy when she realized if she was going to help people solve their problems, she wanted to be more action oriented.

After Carrie graduated law school, she clerked for a criminal judge for a year and very soon thereafter (and unexpectedly), she learned that she was pregnant. Her legal career, from the very beginning, was intertwined with motherhood and so she was not able to pursue the traditionally US track of working for a few to establish her career before starting a family. It was challenging, but forced her to figure out how to do this lawyer thing differently. Now that her children are a bit older, Carrie feels like she is just starting her law journey.

She feels like she did not have a choice. She was the primary caregiver to two young children in the first few years of her legal career. Carrie wanted to be present for her children. And she wanted to be a lawyer. Those two things did not mesh well. When her second daughter was two years old, she stepped way back from practicing. She could never seem to manage to do what her more experienced colleagues advised - disassociate from her feelings, keep it professional at all costs and put her wellbeing and the wellbeing of her clients aside, etc. A couple years later, an idea came to her - maybe there wasn't something wrong with her, maybe there was something wrong with the way we practice law?

Carrie started experimenting with bringing love into the law by practicing care, empathy, compassion, and deep listening with her clients. She spoke to them with patience and kindness. She began to see them as partners, rather than people who need to be rescued or saved. Carrie sees clients as whole people rather than just a legal issue. She incorporates trauma-informed practices in her counseling and has also learned what she needed for herself to be able to show up fully - strong boundaries, stubborn self-care, and non-negotiable time off.

Carrie has been practicing yoga and meditation for 10+ years and teaching these practices for 8+ years. She brings a lot of meditative, yogic philosophy and somatic tools into her legal practice.

Read more about Carrie and her work here:

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