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Alicia Temmerman, Melbourne, Australia

Meet Alicia Temmerman Lawyer, who channels spirit LIVE!!!

See what spirit has to say about ways in which more love can be brought into legal practice and our world at this time. Alicia Temmerman has been a lawyer for almost 20 years, specialising in employment law and workplace mediations and conflict resolution.

Alicia is also the Founder of the Global Soul Centre and the author of PURE ENERGY - The Busy Woman’s Energy Guide to Thrive. She is also a Spirit Channeler, an Energy & Relationship Coach and a mumma of 4.

Her soul mission is to help others RAISE their energetic frequency and enjoy life more and to help others gracefully navigate being a ‘human being’ on ‘Earth School’, whilst helping you remember who YOU REALLY ARE, a magnificent spiritual / light being.

Alicia brings her unique style to the law by seeing her legal work as ‘healing work’ with her overriding intention being to help the human (and look past the roles of employee or manager) for their highest good.

Alicia brings compassion and kindness to her role to really see and hear the humans involved in workplace conflict to listen deeply to “what is really going on”.

Alicia’s legal work and global soul centre work has recently intersected, as she has had the privilege of delivering workplace training to organisations on “Cultivating a Culture of Kindness.”

Alicia started her legal career with a Top Tier firm in Melbourne, Minter Ellison Lawyers, in 2002. Alicia was with Minters for almost ten years and was promoted to Senior Associate. Alicia then moved into a Government role, heading up the Employee Investigations Team for the Department of Justice across the areas of Consumer Affairs, Courts & Tribunals, Corrections Victoria, Infringement Management & Enforcement Services, Gaming & Racing and Responsible Alcohol Victoria. Alicia started her own HR/Legal business in 2012, Dumais Workplace Services, where she focuses on workplace mediations, conflict coaching and dispute resolution.

In 2019, Alicia expanded her mediation offerings to assist couples to help them to thrive in their relationship, through her business, The Marriage Hub.

If you like to connect with Alicia, follow her on these links:





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