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For Lawyers

A new way of legal practice

So many lawyers are burned out, depressed, and are just generally suffering in the career they thought would offer success. Many talented individuals have even moved away from legal practice.

What is success? Research has shown that true lawyer happiness stems not from financial reward and status alone. 

So much of this has been said, but no-one yet has offered a solution that can work with the systems we presently must deal with.

The Lawyers For Love is a network and catalystic hub, where you can explore ways of engaging in a more fulfilling practice based on the system that we lawyers must still must work within.

We support exploration of new perspectives so that every conflicted client that comes to you will see you as a trusted facilitator.

Despite your legal training, or even as a testament to it, we know that words don't truly teach, experience does.

Support to use LIOTECnology as an adjunct to your legal practice will provide you with the answers from an experiential perspective.  

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