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Space Sensor Programme

Most of us are aware of the five senses we were born with, that enhance our experience of this world.

Science tells us that your heart generates the most powerful electromagnetic field in the body and that it has the ability to feel into the future. This, is what you might understand to be your intuition. Or, your ‘sixth’ sense. It might let you know who’s calling before the phone rings, or might prevent you from getting on that train before it crashes.

This sixth sense of ours senses the space around us. It is our best guidance system. You are an amazing receiver of energetic signals. Yet many of us don’t know how to tune in and use energy to benefit our day to day lives.

To tune in, you need to look at where you are trying to control your environment with your intellect. Whilst your intellect can be a great ‘helper’ in your life, it often thinks it’s the boss when it wants you to comply with ‘rules’. These rules govern what you ‘think’ you ‘should’ be doing rather than following what 'feels’ best to do.

The Space Sensor Programme takes you 'next level', where you can work with energy; not only as your guide through the game of life, but as a person who can hold the space for others in conflict to do the same.

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