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What is love?

Love feels good. It’s the feeling you get when you are lost in the moment of a sunset, or in that instant you held your newborn child. You might experience it when you’re playing with your dog, or even just sitting in your garden drinking in nature’s fragrances.

Essentially it is the state of being that you experience, without any fear or any negative emotion being present. We have all experience this feeling, even briefly.


Love Is Of The Essence


The legal system uses the phrase ‘time is of the essence’. This means that if you don’t do things by a certain time, then there will be negative consequences. This infuses fear into your relationship with others. This fear-based approach is replicated throughout the entire legal system. Effectively it separates us in our dealings because we think in terms of ‘you’ versus ‘me’.

In creating an alternative way of conducting our relationships, Lawyers for Love created an alternative to that phrase, saying ‘LOVE is of the essence’. This means we shift to responding in a loving way to our relationships with one another, to a more unified ‘us’.


How can I be loving toward ‘strangers’?


Many people are afraid of love because they don’t really know what it means. Some people say they have been hurt by love, so they protect themselves even more from others because of it. But if we shift this perspective and become informed by how we feel about a situation, we can benefit.

To assist in this process, Lawyers for Love have conceived a helpful definition that removes any negative charge people might have around the word ‘love’.


Love is a state of being, without fear.

In this context, we are saying it is simply a ‘good’ feeling you have where you don’t experience any negative or ‘bad’ feeling. Effectively, it is all about how you are feeling in any given moment. If you have any ‘bad’ or negative feelings or emotions about a situation, you are not approaching it from a loving place. That’s all ok. It is merely about bringing awareness to how you are feeling.


This is the first step in the journey of learning how you can feel good more of the time, no matter the situation you are in.

Lawyers for Love are using your legal conflicts to show you how can feel good even when you are facing some of the most challenging moments of your life.


To do this we are using a tool called Love Is Of The Essence Consciousness technology (LIOTECnology). When you move to a better feeling place, you raise your consciousness closer to the frequency of love, which science has shown us is a very high state of consciousness. Not only does your overall experience of life improve, but you also benefit from the ability to more effectively resolve conflict.


We see this technology delivering the panacea for all that ails humanity.

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