From The Padded Cell

~making serious light

Our understanding of life is that it’s a game.

One where you use clues, such as conflict, to find your way back “home to pure Love”.

We like to imagine it as a ‘Hansel and Gretel’ type arrangement.

You have left bits of you behind over time, by isolating parts of your beloved ‘feeling’ self within a matrix of imprisoning rules.

In the quest to find your way back ‘Home’ to freedom and love, you recognize that your feeling self is your trusted guide.

There are now no rules to this game, just the challenge to see how much fun you can muster as you explore and fully experience the deepest realms of self.

In an attempt to make serious light, and to show you how much amusement we’ve had playing the game, we’ve decided to write about some of the crazy insights we’ve received so far.

We like to call these gems ‘downloads’.

Beware, they’re unfiltered and they don’t follow any rules.

Welcome to our playground…

© Infinite Love

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