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The Panacea

The authentic self, is the self that has the ability follows it's own guidance, rather than following the rules of others. We propose that alignment to the authentic, self by it's very nature, raises consciousness. This is Love Is of The Essence Consciousness (LIOTEC) This, we believe, is the panacea for all negative experiences in your life, from ill health (dis-ease) to legal conflict and everything in between.


The authentic self is found when you no longer have or need external or ‘parental’ guidance. This authentic self becomes autonomous as you gain access your own self-guidance system.


To achieve this state of authenticity and autonomy, you must dissolve the unconscious parental rules first.



  1. You experience a conflict or even a negative emotion.

  2. A negative emotion means there is a rule present that does not align with your authentic self. This is why you feel ‘off’, or ‘out of alignment’.

  3. Locate the rule and dissolve it.

  4. Embody new, higher consciousness perspective.

  5. Repeat.





  1. Legal conflict present. This catalyst is ideal as the negative emotion is strongly felt. There is a highly negative charge connecting the parties.

  2. Use Conflict Alchemy Process to locate primary unconscious rule(s) surrounding conflict.

  3. Teach client perspective that all parties are ‘right’, to diminish negative charge binding parties to each other.

  4. Client is shown the opportunity present in each stage of the legal process to view any reactive catalyst as an opportunity to locate and dissolve a rule.

  5. Embodiment of new, higher consciousness perspective is achieved with each rule dissolved and each time negative emotion is viewed as an opportunity to expand consciousness.

  6. As the client evolves using this process, the expanded consciousness experienced will open up greater possibilities when exploring more creative and fulfilling problem solving.

  7. Legal conflicts are resolved with greater satisfaction and less likelihood of ‘recidivism’.

  8. The Alignment process is then continued as an autonomous process for personal continual growth.

The rules

The rules were are referring to are unconscious. To find them we need to connect the physical conflict and the emotion surrounding the conflict to identify the rule. This is why so-called legal conflicts are the perfect catalysts to becoming aligned. There are effective processes for alignment, such as the Lawyers for Love, Conflict Alchemy process.

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