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Exploring a new universal legal jurisdiction
based on


Societal discord is rife.

Why is this happening when we are assured that we have a legal system designed for peace and good order?


What has gone wrong? Why are many of us so unhappy?

Notably some leaders say we're headed for self destruction, or that we should explore living on other planets. To the latter we say, you take yourself with you wherever you go.

So what's the answer?

For over 100 years, science has told us that we humans, along with everything else in the universe, are integrally connected at an energetic level. These discoveries confirm what some of us already know to be the universal Law of One.

Our current legal system is only beginning to recognize this fundamental connection.  In a recent High Court of Australia case, Love v The Commonwealth [2020] HCA 3, it was observed that human connection to the land and all things on it are metaphysical and spiritual in nature and that this connection cannot be severed.


Furthermore, as the present legal system concerns itself only with rights ‘over’ something separated from you, the High Court conceded that matters relating to this idea of fundamental energetic connection, cannot be dealt with by the common lawyer.


We want to be happy.


Studies show us that happiness stems from our ability to be authentic and autonomous.

 To be authentic, is to know your true nature.

To be autonomous, is to self-regulate.

Our current legal system sees humans as separate beings (‘you’ verses ‘me’) and governs us with strict parental controls. It neither accounts for our authentic nature of integral connection, nor does it allow us the autonomy to freely express that authenticity.

So, we remain children. Any wonder we are fighting still.

We now want out of our self-imposed prisons.

Lawyers for Love are exploring an alternate platform that supports the discovery of our authentic selves, by using existing conflict as a catalyst to do so. Authenticity is revealed using LIOTECnology (Love Is Of The Essence Consciousness technology).

When you learn to illuminate your own authenticity using this technology, you are able to self-regulate and in doing so, become free from ancestral or 'parental' constraints.  You become authentic and autonomous.

When members within a society know who they truly are in relationship to one another, the resulting personal freedom reflects in greater individual happiness and resulting societal harmony.​

This is Lex Una.

The Law of One.

Who Are We?

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