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Love is of the Essence

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Love based decision-making

Lawyers For Love is for anyone whose heart is yearning for real and genuine Love to be the essence of all their decision-making each moment and hence their total living experience.

A year or so ago I met a beautiful young lawyer who had worked all over the World with a top-tier law firm for over 10 years.

With deep sadness she told me that there was no love where she worked, neither in the lawyers, or the clients, or the work.

She had tried to bring some love in but there was great resistance and she said it was breaking her heart.

My suggestion to her was to just focus on staying loving and to just play with her loving energy.  I suggested she might infuse her loving energy into the contracts she wrote, into conversations with the lawyers or clients, even into the computers or her emails. I encouraged her to make Love the essence of all her day and not the laws or the many fears in others that laws create.

I bumped into this young lady again last Christmas whilst I was travelling with other lawyers in India. She was so bright and gloriously happy! She told me she had actually left the legal 'profession' and had found Love again.

Let's infuse Love into the World through every momentary decision we make.


LOVE starts with You taking full responsibility for each choice you make each moment! Including the choice to make heartcentric decisions based in unconditional Love + with momentary wisdom for the highest good of You and all.

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General Hypothesis

The quality and quantity of human well-being will be optimised by individuals' decision-making being motivated and guided by Love and Intuition, as opposed to Fear and Rules.

We are creating and collaborating on projects which will explore this hypothesis and applications to assist individual and collective transformation.

Current Projects

1.  Infusing 'Love is of the Essence' clauses and Love energetics into legal documents and relationship arrangements.

2.  Creating tools to aid aligning individuals to Love through fear reduction/elimination and 'time travel narratives', (including collaboration with Dr, Julia Mossbridge and the pioneering US based Institute For Love and Time).

3.  Establishment of Wisdom Counsel (individuals and collectives) able to sustainably act energetically in Love + with momentary wisdom. Acting as facilitators and guides for the collective.


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Getting Involved

Love based decision-making is not immediately accessible to everyone. It is very simple but not easy due to our lifelong conditioning to decision-making based in rules and fear.


 We are not seeking followers, or donors, or students but anyone ready to participate in a new adventurous game of life - making their way back Home to pure Love.


The purpose of this game is human authenticity optimisation (individually and collectively).


ANYONE feeling a passion for exploring  a new  way of living motivated and guided by the Flow of Love


Tell us about your passion for involvement..... what is on your heart? 

Help guide lawyers and clients to infuse all their decision-making processes with unconditional Love.

Help amend NFP Constitutions, Board members' Family Trust Deeds, Superannuation Trust Deeds, Testamentary Trust Wills or even Powers of Attorney, employment contracts, or consumer contracts to include "Love is of the Essence" clauses?

Be part of our guiding Higher Consciousness Wisdom Counsels?

Provide useful resources, people, mind, wisdom, talents and abilities etc?

Just have fun with us in the Flow?

It is time to explore the wondrous unknown.

We would love to hear from you!


Who Are We?

We are all "lawyers"

© Infinite Love

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